What Others Say

"Angela Vogds, as an experienced post-partum doula, has shown outstanding skills, understanding, and sensitivity to new mothers and infants in her care. She takes advantage of continuing education opportunities and networking with others in her allied health field. As a lactation consultant in private practice for over twenty years I was eager to recommend Ms. Vogds to my clients for on-going care after my lactation guidance was complete. Her expertise and support were invaluable to the new mothers as they adjusted to the responsibilities of mothering. As she focused on work with mothers of multiples our community was further served by Ms. Vogds' experience and dedication. The challenges of infant care of multiples are unique and the confidence that Ms. Vogds is able to instill in the new mothers goes beyond the newborn period."

— Lactation Consultant (IBLCA)


"As the Service director of the Northshore Professional Nanny Alliance, Angela's passion for children really shines through. Her job is to get the group involved in various charities and volunteer work that benefits children, she has been excellent at getting the group informed and involved. Volunteering her on her own, so that she can relate her experiences to the entire group. I would highly recommend Angela for any work involving the care of children. She is a credit to her profession, and I am honored to have been able to work with her."

— Founder of the Northshore Professional Nanny Alliance and Agency owner


"Angela came into our lives a few weeks before the birth of our third child. She facilitated the preparation for our baby, while simultaneously assisting in the care of our one year old and two year old daughters. Once daughter number three arrived, Angie was instrumental in helping our family with the transition. She managed to find the perfect balance between being part of our daily lives and respecting our "family time." She was professional, caring, and extremely knowledgeable. She was cognizant of how we ran our household and she acclimated very well to our way of living. Her expertise gave me a great feeling of comfort."

— Mother of three, 2004


"When we met Angela, we felt an immediate connection recognizing her kind and genuine personality and her dedication to her families. Her personality is such that she knows how to provide guidance or helpful suggestions in a humble and modest way that is not intrusive or threatening. She has a rare talent for identifying ways to help out without being asked and keeps things flowing smoothly."

— Mother of infant boy, 2006


"Angela has a wealth of knowledge and took the health and well being of our family very seriously. I quickly learned that one could never have too much help with twins. Though we had been through the newborn phase before with our daughter, twins are much more challenging, especially when they are born prematurely. Having Angela stay with us allowed me to catch up my rest and regain the strength necessary to be the mother of twins. She gave me vital techniques to use with everything from bathing, feeding, and sleep schedules. She was diligent in tracking the twins weight gain and did everything she could to get them to catch up quickly. Thanks to Angela's hard work they are very happy and healthy babies; one would never have known they were born early. I highly recommend Angela as a Newborn Care Specialist. The service that she provides is invaluable to the parents of premature twins."

—Mother of three 2008


"In addition to the typical challenges of being a first time parents our daughter was born prematurely and was on an apnea monitor for the first three months of her life. Angela spent two and a half months caring for our daughter during the night which enabled us to get much needed sleep and recover from the stress surrounding her birth and stay in the NICU. From her first shift we found Angela to be extremely knowledgeable, reliable, and competent. As our daughter had difficulty breathing when she slept it was very difficult to entrust her care to someone else during the night, however, we were so impressed by Angela's skills and professionalism that our concerns were eliminated almost immediately. We were relieved to find someone who had significant experience caring for a premature baby on a apnea monitor. During the early months Angela's knowledge of lactation support was also of great benefit. As well as being an excellent newborn care specialist Angela is devoted to the children in her care. Not only does she have a high skill level but she is also very patient, kind, and compassionate person…We are very grateful for the numerous contributions Angela has made to our lives. We recommend Angela as a newborn care specialist without reservation. She is truly exceptional and would be an invaluable asset to any new parent."

— Mother of a premature infant girl, 2009


"Our family was blessed with triplets in summer of 2009, two girls and a boy. After a short time of doing as much as we could alone, we found ourselves in desperate need of help from a qualified Newborn Care Specialist. She made herself available to us on the start date we had requested and we can tell you the bottom of our hearts that she was instantly invaluable. We should not have waited so long to request her help. She is very accommodating, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to be around. She has a positive attitude at all times and that is evident when she cares for children. We know that finding somebody to care for your own children is a difficult task and an emotional one, but you can rest assured that she will provide top notch service to you and excellent care for your children."

— Father of triplets 2009


"Angela was absolutely indispensable. She provided us with valuable information while caring for our triplets and us! Her tricks of the trade with triplets were so helpful and effective. She is an asset every family with multiples needs."

— Mother of triplets 2010